CONFIDANCE for Life Hafla

CONFIDANCE for LifeHere Come the Girls for the Northern Lights Hafla in Newport-upon-Tay, run this year to raise funds for CONFIDANCE for Life!!! The 200 seat hall was filled to capacity for the event.

All of the dancers on the evening had personal stories to tell about how dancing had made a positive change in their lives, whether it be raising their self-esteem, helping them battle through personal illness or just giving them some "me time" to gather their breath before heading back out into the world. Many of the dancers were performing in public for the first time.

Some of the ladies had written poems or personal stories that were either read out, between performances, or dotted around the walls in poster form... Those stories connected with everyone there, and I'm sure there were many, similar stories, yet untold...

The table holding the raffle prizes was literally groaning under the weight of the sheer number of prizes. A huge thank you to everyone who donated!

All in all a wonderful time was had and a fantastic amount of money was raised. Thank you to everyone who helped behind the scenes and/or performed and also to everyone who attended. Without you the hafla would not have been such a huge success.