Hafla Karimah

CONFIDANCE for Life A wonderful time was had by over a hundred and fifty ladies who came to ‘Hafla Karimah’, a charity belly dance hafla at the Inchture Hotel in Perthshire, which helped raise over £1,360.00 for CONFIDANCE for Life.

The event was started off Karen, who arranged the hafla, followed by Ann Marie who was performing solo for the very first time. The evening continued with Arabic Belly Dance, Turkish Belly Dance, Tribal Dance, Isis Wings, Tap Dance, Bollywood, Arabic Flamenco:- thirty one performances in total, the largest being a group of fifteen Tribal Dancers who performed with swords balanced on their heads!!!!

There was a break half way through the evening to sell raffle tickets and also to allow Nova and Sophie to tell everyone about CONFIDANCE for Life! With everyone having bought raffle tickets, the evening’s entertainment continued, finally finishing around 11pm.

The quickest raffle in history, followed! Despite the huge number of raffle tickets sold (over 1500!) and the large number of prizes donated, the raffle was finished in less than fifteen minutes, allowing the general boogie to begin and giving everyone the chance to strut their stuff on the dance floor until the early hours of the morning.

The final stragglers eventually wended their way home around 1pm… A huge thank you to everyone who performed, especially those who were performing for the first time – and also to the groups who had to perform with people missing because Karen sold out of tickets three weeks before the hafla and the hotel simply couldn’t fit any more people into the room!!!!

The solo performers were Karen; Ann Marie; Carol; Violet; Amanda; Khalila; Remony; Angela; Elaine and Caroline. The groups who performed were Monster Sister Act; Elaine Hughes’ Tribal and Belly Dance classes; Ahlan; Henneyya; Easter Promise; Kate & Eva; The Shameless Shakers; Khamsin; Jalilah; Yvonne & Gail; Farfesha; Anisah; Moroccan Spice; BollyWhat!; Jitka & Petra and finally Anam Cara.

And a huge, huge thank you to everyone who came along and helped make the evening such a wonderful success!!!!