Dance is so much more than steps and technique: it's about expressing yourself and it's a moment in real life...

Welcome to ConfiDance for Life: the charity using dance to bring positive, life-changing experiences to people, in terms of body image and social confidence.

ConfiDance for Life began as a chat over a cup of coffee between two dancers: Sophie, a full time development worker for a mental health project specialising in supporting people who self harm, and Nova, a professional dancer and teacher with experience of teaching many and varied groups.

Due to numerous conversations with other dancers, Sophie and Nova had realised that oriental dance had many therapeutic benefits to offer women and an idea had begun to flourish.

After many discussions, research and advice from Dundee Voluntary Action, the idea took on a more concrete form and the overall aim to offer dance to those who would benefit most from its therapeutic benefits was decided upon. This aim meant that after the initial belly dance project was making a difference in young women's lives, other projects could be set up to include men, older people, people with disabilities or physical illness.

The constitution of CONFIDANCE for Life was adopted on May 1st 2006. On the 5th October 2006, CONFIDANCE for Life received notification that it had met the charity test as laid out in sections 7 and 8 of the Charity and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005, and the fundraising began!

Our Projects...

CONFIDANCE for Life  believes that the theraputic benefits of dance can be used in many different situations and plans to establish projects to bring dance to people in many different situations.

In the short term we have defined, and are currently in the process of running the pilot project for, an oriental dance project, C U Shimmy aimed at girls and young women aged between 18 and 25 years. This project will act as an early intervention for those at risk of developing or increasing mental health difficulties

Once the initial project is established, we hope to develop more projects, expanding into other dance forms such as Street Dance, Bollywood and Capoeira and to include others who would benefit, such as
  • Young men
  • Cancer survivors
  • Survivors of domestic abuse
  • Respite for carers
  • Young people and adults with Special Needs


C U Shimmy...

"Since that first class, three and a half years ago, I have stopped all destructive behaviour towards myself and finally broken out of the never ending cycle of self hatred. I have learned to love myself and my body and be comfortable with myself as a woman."

C U Shimmy aims to offer Middle-Eastern dance to girls/women aged 18-25 who have a variety of mental health difficulties. The aim is to focus on the healing aspects of the dance in terms of body image, self esteem and social confidence.

The rationale for this proposal comes from the proven link between physical health and mental health, as well as numerous personal testimonies from women who have found belly dance to be a positive and life-changing experience.

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